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Medical Devices:

Biocan Pharma is ready to supply a wide range of medical devices for its customers in medicine and dentistry field. Biocan Pharma can provide multiple bids on similar products from various manufacturers in most cases. Multiple sourcing will allow the customer to have a diversity of product choice from a single prime vendor. This exposure translates into standardization saving, in-servicing efficiencies, better risk management, and patient safety.

Regulatory Affairs Consultancy:

Biocan Pharma is composed of an experienced team who will help your company understand and meet the regulatory processes and procedures of the Health Products and Food Branch (HPFB) in Canada. Our team knows how to develop strategies and produce documents that respond to your company's needs and meet the expectations of HPFB reviewers. We keep you up-to-date with current Canadian policies and regulatory trends in healthcare products. Our consulting team with excellent experience in the registration of Natural Health Products and supplements are ready to serve our customers. Biocan Pharma provides timely, cost-effective and professional assistance with regulatory projects.

Pharmaceutical Services:

Biocan Pharma also can provide its services as supplier for pharmaceutical industries and manufacturers in and outside of Canada. Biocan Pharma is able to find good sources for pharmaceutical ingredients & intermediates, nutraceuticals, biological chemicals as well as custom designed products. We provide high quality products with extremely competitive prices for all of your needs.