International Trade Certificate (ITC)

International Trade Certificate (ITC)

An International Trade Certificate (ITC) is a document which speaks to the regulatory status of a natural health product (NHP) in Canada and/or the Canadian manufacturing, packaging, and/or labeling site. Given the significant number of NHPs exported abroad, the ITC was developed to help facilitate access to Canadian-made NHPs in foreign markets, and an ITC might be requested as part of the export process to another country.

There are 3 types of ITCs:

1) NHP with product licence (NPN) and site licence

2) NHP with product licence (DIN-HM) and site licence (for homeopathic medicines)

3) NHP site licence only

Although the issuance of ITCs is not required under the Natural Health Products Regulations (NHPR), Health Canada voluntarily issued them, upon request, as a service to industry and this impacted processing time.

From September 2013, Health Canada has transferred the responsibility of ITC issuance to independent third-parties. When issuing ITCs, third parties may also wish to provide the cover letter issued by Health Canada upon attestation of the third-party to the criteria. The NHPD will not be responsible for managing a publicly available list of third-party organizations attesting to these criteria. This information may be available through industry associations.